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If you are a fan of mystery anime and manga, you must be familiar with Detective Conan, a.k.a. Case Closed, an ongoing Japanese detective manga series by Gosho Aoyama.

Being an Indian, it is pure wonder how I caught up such an anime. Well, for the most simple reasons – starting with being a kid. Like every other kid, my world was filled with cartoons too. Most importantly the funny and wicked ones. Initially, I found amusement in watching Ninja Hattori, Perman, Doraemon, Shin Chan etc. Then I caught up with something more interesting like Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, SPD, Jungle Fury, Dino Thunder, Mystic Force, then RPM, Operation Overdrive – I liked all of them as a kid. But with growing age came distinctions, and from these distinctions came results – which I deduced that most of them were all alike.

It was during my third grade that I watched Detective Conan for the first time, and immediately liked it. The detectivity, the deduction skills, the mystery and none of them was all-alike like the other cartoons.

Other known anime such as Kochikame, Chhota Bheem and all its movies came and went by – but Detective Conan remained intact in my mind. Needless to say, some many important life events also went – first crush, first rejection, academic competitions, art competitions and friendships. My intellect and brain was developed, but the anime-filled kid-brain never changed, it wanted more.

In the subsequent years, I started watching movies, other detective series and once a time had come when the whole anime world had slipped from my mind – from myself. I got obsessed with more complicated activities and hence watched complicated films. I just watched a couple of them but was never content with the feeling they offered me. I was still a minor. I understood things, I understood the films, but in the end what hurts always hurts. You can’t drift from the reality. The consolation I tried to find was not present in those messed-up ideas.

Academic pressure began to increase and so I aborted all entertainment. Believe me, even TV subscription was stopped. But I read really damn hard and so I felt lighter six months later, a month before the final exam. I therefore sought relief from all the stress. I resumed watching movies and all, where roles were played by humans. Then after I realized no such good movie was left to watch. I resorted to animated movies, mostly those of Disney.

As of February, I started watching Detective Conan again. I don’t know what sparked the interest of it in me. Maybe it was a bit of movie research. I am not awkwardly sure what drifted my interest, but I am pretty sure that it is the way I thought it to be – pristine and unique in form. All the barrier is your understanding capacity. Impact your brain to understand like a kid and you shall see plain mysteries. Tell your brain to understand it like an adult, and you will be able to see the underlying romance, thrill, adventure, horror, action and all genres you love.


Conan Artistic


If you really are a fan of Detective Conan, a.k.a. Case Closed, you can grab the ongoing anime with integrated English subtitles here. Use VPN if you are denied access. Opera VPN using location ‘Singapore’ worked fine for me. An episode is added every week.


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