New Possibilities I’d Like To See

Weirdly enough, the world of ever-developing technology has given recognition to devices earlier unknown. This is the cycle of development. Any wonder how further will this go? No idea, right. Some might answer ‘to infinity’. Both are acceptable when we do not know the nature of development. Actually, my idea in this case is a bit harsh. I think that there will be a huge war that will shred all the development and some ‘erasing’ of the human mind would happen that would lead us to start from scratch again.

However, let’s put those things aside. This article isn’t about such a heavy question. Indeed it is about the near future achievements. Let’s now boost into the proposition.

1. Mind Controlled Machines

Ever thought of some devices that we could operate by our brain?

-“We still do. Using our hands and fingers.”

No, I’m talking about direct control here. By wearing some sort of bands in our head that converts nerve electrical impulses into machine language and tells the machine to do the job thought of by the user.
This would revolutionize security in the way that it has never been before. There would be no threat to life here, because the intruders wouldn’t even know what instructions are being given. That is, the reliability of a direct mind-to-machine connection.

Perhaps it would take a few decades, or maybe centuries to build this tech.

2. Imagination Imaging Device

future-tech-mainI have thought of this since I was a kid. May there would be a device that converts pictures, sound and motion we think of and project it into a digital monitor. This would be easier in every aspect. The face or pictures related to investigation can be directly viewed from the mind of the witness to build a perfect realistic model of the scene rather than an imaginary one. This technology can practically be used to make animations, sound and music. It might also be used personally for storing memories in a digital drive or print a photo of a moment you’d always want to remember, no cameras required!

3. Genetic Alteration For Desired Off-Springs

dna-human-genome-and-genes-ownershipEver wondered how your children would be like? Whether you wonder or not, you’d always want them to be like yourself, or maybe not in case you are the minority. This would be really experimental but we would be able to use it in the name of science. So that there may be more genetically fit individuals for various fields such as technology development, security, administration, medical science etc.


There is so more than that in my mind. It comes and goes, but not present right now. So I’d like to end this list for now. Be sure to drop a comment below if you have interesting ideas about the newest possibilities.


Imagination has no limitation. Shut off the outside world and turn your focus in your mind – and you shall surely find it infinite. -Myself, AnonX


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