Nougat Features on Samsung J5

I own a SM-J500F with Marshmallow Update (INS). I am repeatedly bothered by how updating the software has decreased my internal storage. On the other hand, I am way too happy to be enjoying Marshmallow along with certain new features: App Permission Manager, Now-On-Tap, Notification Panel Upgrade, Lighter Lock Screen etc.

To say, I’m pretty easily bored by using various ROMs. I always try to seek the better, no wonder how good the present one is. I always think maybe one will be so unique to fascinate me. But it never turns up. So I start experimenting with root and other customizing apps (accessibility exploit). Looking back, I think that the following apps certainly did their job as promised.

1. Action Launcher


Highlights: Nougat-based App swipe shortcuts, Vertical app drawer with single-swipe access, Google Home-shortcut pill and Google Bar Overlay.

Perfect in it’s shape and sleeker than default, the reason I uninstalled it was none other than the fact that I missed the features of the default TouchWiz Launcher. You might find it weird but I am kind of used to a horizontal and organizable app drawer with folders. Perhaps, the most important think that matters about a launcher is that; since it is the first thing you see when you open your screen, it must be convenient for you. A fancy launcher with hard controls with give you nothing except for the sake of show-off.

2. MultiWindow



Highlights: Actual multi-window experience.

I expected it to handle native apps using multi-floating windows but it had apps of its own to do that. Guess only the Android system is capable. Notably, you can turn on multi-window from Developer options but you will first need to enable it by editing build.prob. Some serious flashing, huh? Nandroid backup is always recommended before you do any hard modification.

3. Google Allo


Highlights: Google Assistant integration.

I loved the assistant. I don’t even remember why I removed it. Maybe the cause was that I was already using too many messaging apps.

Later realization: “Self-customization even if successful often is unnecessary. Make the most of what’s really there.”


Have fun.


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