Limit Your Online Social Media Life

We have faced many problems relating to social media. With a great prospects comes great responsibilities, and when those are not followed properly, problems arise.

Many people have many a times tried to reduce social media usage but have ended up getting more addicted instead. The main problem sources here are handheld devices, especially smartphones. They always keep things at the reach of the hand and it becomes nearly impossible to live without them. In this post, I shall tell you some clever hacks to limit your social media activity in your phone.

Control Notifications

This is the main source which arouses you to stop doing whatever you are doing and then look at the phone to check what others are doing.  Whenever you are in some situation where you are bored, but focused, suddenly a buzz in your pocket awakes you from your concentration and instead of ignoring the notification, your mind starts thinking about how important it could be.

It could be a message from the girl you have been crushing on.

It could be some embarrassing photos of you posted by your friends.

It could be that your recent post could have got a thousand likes.

It could be…

Your mind floods the workspace in your brain with such sweet thoughts that you finally fall prey and think, “One look at it wouldn’t hurt.” But it does, and you realise it when you have wasted enough time to have the minute hand move 180 degrees. So, instead of letting that happen, just go to your phone’s app notifications and block notifications from social networking apps altogether. You can also keep your phone in silent mode or choose individual phone notifications for apps such as Facebook.

Use Lite Versions of Apps

Not all social networking apps have lite versions. However, you can substitute the heavy Facebook for a lighter version of Facebook Lite. Messenger lite is also available in the Play Store. Lite versions are specifically designed for less data consumption, less RAM consumption, less battery and CPU consumption. So you end up saving everything by using lite versions rather than just time.

Limit Number of Social Networking Apps You Use.

Are you a person who uses most social networks – Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc. along with many messaging apps such as Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Allo and Duo? Then there is a certain possibility that some apps are just unnecessary. For example, you may be using Hangouts for only a group of people you know from work and they maybe on WhatsApp. So it makes no sense to contact them on Hangouts. Simply uninstall the Hangouts App and message them on WhatsApp instead. Try to maintain the number of social networking apps to a maximum of four.

Find Alternatives

Instead of having an app for every service you use, try to access them from web. Social Networks such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook have quite a good and improved web version.

Only Keep Contact with People You Know

Although this is a widely cited rule, this is also a widely disobeyed rule. I have seen many people on Facebook send a huge number of friend requests just for getting likes on their posts and photos. They then brag about how many friends they made and how many comments/likes they got. It is foolish enough to do that. It makes you seem like a person desperate for friendship and conversation. According to me, a person cannot have more than 150 friends at once. Therefore, limit for friend list to important people only. The same goes for Twitter. You need not follow every celebrity you like to get his or her latest updates. Just check the news out. If it’s something important, it must be there.


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