The Must-Haves for a Windows 7 PC

I have a Windows 7 PC, and many a time, I have been caught repeatedly asking myself about the things that might come in handy in most tasks. I always had a little fear about what if I had to do an important assignment/project but I realized I do not have the necessary programs in a place where there is no access to internet connection.

By the time, you might have thought of multiple hacks that could overcome this situation. As for me, I thought of something to prevent this situation – a list of handy programs. Note that I’m not listing pre-installed programs here.

  1. 7-Zip because compression with Windows is mostly a mess and de-compression always lags. Also, the program supports larger number of formats (.tar, .7z, .wim) and password-protecting archives.
  2. Office because some basic tasks can never be left out. Word documents, forms, tables and other types of data management fall into this category. Recommended programs are Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.
  3. Audacity because basic (as well as advanced) audio handling is also necessary.
  4. Picasa because photo management is one of pre-requisites of a home computer.
  5. GIMP because advanced photo editing might also come in handy once.
  6. Anti-Virus because “with great power comes great responsibilities.”
  7. Firewall because you don’t need to allow each and every program to use your network connection.
  8. VLC because Windows Media Player can’t handle all formats.
  9. VSDC Video Editor because you never know when video editing might save you embarrassment.
  10. A Secondary Browser because it might save your ass when one fails. Try Opera in this respect. It’s VPN setting in private mode also allows to browse blocked websites.
  11. Handbrake because media format conversion might enhance compatibility in other devices.
  12. Bandicam because sometimes surveillance of your computer screen becomes necessary.
  13. PDF Reader because most official documents and user manuals use this format. Recommended programs are Adobe Reader and Foxit PDF Reader.
  14. Java Runtime Environment, Adobe Flash, Shockwave, Silverlight and other browser plugins because you cannot limit yourself to the wide range of content available online.


So, this is the end of the list I thought of. Did I miss anything? Do mention them in the comments below.


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