Half Girlfriend: Co-incidents and Expectations (The Book & The Movie)

“It is a rare case that I read a story that didn’t coincide with my life.”

Indeed, it is my choice which book I choose to read, and it’s my senses which tell me the story most appealing – which is, in most cases, a collection of incidents that sound familiar to me. Which incidents would sound familiar to me? Probably the one that has occurred in my own life.

But this is a different case – the incident half-coincided, just like the name of the book and the fiction (or maybe reality, it is controversial) in it. Just like the author said, it is a common phenomenon for us. I guess I ultimately fell into the common crowd, one of the things that I am scared being into.

Since primary school, I always wanted to be unique so I avoided the decisions of the common crowd and came up with my own ideas and destinations, but it did not mean that I was alone. There were always a few good friends of mine who complied with me and accompanied me. I was always quoted by my classmates as a very hard to understand guy – and I kind of liked it. The reality didn’t match with my life. It hardly coincided, so I found my life and different parts of it in books, movies and obviously my imagination. Even my love life was not spared from this. Things ended with my crush as though a metaphor of my own words – was she joking? No, she wasn’t. Even if I tell the story, it would seem a lie, completely made in my thoughts – so that is the place where this part resides now.

This time, I saw a part of my life in Chetan Bhagat’s Half Girlfriend. Though I didn’t like the book that much, but it really touched me due to some of the incidents – and of course, growing jealousy towards the main character as he gets so much but still sabotages whatever they had; yet he gets the girl at the end. Trust me, real life isn’t like that. Such coincidents don’t occur at all. And I thought Chetan Bhagat is the voice of the common India. Common Indians love Bollywood doesn’t mean that every coincidence in Bollywood films coincide with their lives. He seems to have mistaken this part of Indians. Being an Indian himself, he clearly destroyed the plot with some clear non-sense and broad unnecessary descriptions taking up pages instead of some meaningful storyline.

I have nothing good to expect from the film too. A movie based on such a plot can be a blockbuster, a hit, but one it shall always share with the book – its meaning, and that is what will make the movie meaningless too.

Innocent (A Poem)

I would not like to describe much about this poem as reading it once is enough to understand it. I just want to say that it is something I truly have experienced many a times, and not imaginary.


Innocence does not speak, it sees

Through its eyes – the gleaming paradise

But does it know?

It glimmers due to it’s fading vision.


It sees the good in every evil

It believes everyone as its own.

Though its parents warn it not to

Yet it goes somewhere unknown.


I don’t say I was innocent,

I don’t say I didn’t lie.

But whatever I did, wherever I went

I saw people talk by.


They said I was a show-off

I didn’t mind,

But their words did hurt me

I knew it from inside.


It is the outcome of all those pains

That my innocence now speaks, it does not just see

It makes me write this story untold

In the dark, on a computer screen.