Innocent (A Poem)

I would not like to describe much about this poem as reading it once is enough to understand it. I just want to say that it is something I truly have experienced many a times, and not imaginary.


Innocence does not speak, it sees

Through its eyes – the gleaming paradise

But does it know?

It glimmers due to it’s fading vision.


It sees the good in every evil

It believes everyone as its own.

Though its parents warn it not to

Yet it goes somewhere unknown.


I don’t say I was innocent,

I don’t say I didn’t lie.

But whatever I did, wherever I went

I saw people talk by.


They said I was a show-off

I didn’t mind,

But their words did hurt me

I knew it from inside.


It is the outcome of all those pains

That my innocence now speaks, it does not just see

It makes me write this story untold

In the dark, on a computer screen.


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