Am I The Stereotyped Average Indian?

I had always been flown along the path I never chose to go. Though emotionally forceful in fact, but had a positive outcome in all aspects. So positive that I ought to tell other people when they ask, “Yeah, I thought… (so and so) and that is why I did… (so and so). As the turn comes to my heart, I know deep-down that it was not a phenomenon I could control.

My decisions have sometimes made be question myself, “Am I the typical Indian Stereotypic Guy that every Indian parent longs to have?” The answer is ambiguous in reality.

I am not a stereotype, at least not because of my own choices. I want to be an engineer because I have a passion for it, and not because my parents want me to. Instead, they never ever rejected or modified or suggested in any way that I should go for something else or that engineering is not worth it. I do not fall in good terms with Medical Science because I simply do not like it. I have given very deep thoughts in this subject and it feels Greek to me. Trust me, I’d even learn Greek but not pursue Medical Science.

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By this time, you might have got an idea of me – what I want and about the choices I never made before. Honestly, I find it very normal to be asked by someone why I chose my subject, but find it extremely savage to be told that since something doesn’t yield good salary (ranging between crores per annum), you don’t have a future. Who thought music artists could make so much money a few years ago in my own country? Now, it is very clear, clarifying the meaning of future, that does not depend on the subject, it depends on the person and his efforts.


My Inspirations for this Post: Quora.

Lately, I’ve been browsing through my feed to see answers to questions like ‘What is the most Indian thing ever?’ and ‘What is the worst advice/conversation given by/with a random aunt/uncle?’; and I found answers mostly on the ‘engineering and medical’ topic. Most of them were about how parents and neighbours, or even random strangers advise you against following your passions and just qualifying enough for jobs that offer a huge salary. Reading those answers, I felt as if I was one among the engineers-to-be who was being called as stereotyped by the Indians.


The Dark Deduction: Moments of Thought

Particularly, every single day of mine starts with an epic adventure – or so I think about in the night before. I expect things to unfold themselves in a positively unique way every day – as they never did. I expect unexpected things to happen every now and then – moments I’ve been waiting for since the last two to five years or so, or just a new idea, a new thought that came in this very moment. Atleast, my life is interesting in my imagination – a private folder which none other than me has access to.

Ninety-nine percent of these assumptions turn ashtray in every moment of thought. Things contradict; they do not follow the law of nature – because our imagination has no limitation. I wish I could turn my world upside-down as I do every day, in my own mind-controlled sandbox.

Things that never were right won’t change now. They were wrong before and still they are, undoubtedly. I wish I could undo my actions – but I can’t. This is the reason I choose myself as a software enthusiast. I love the software environment. There are no laws there. Though certain things have a connection with the reality but I can still think of accomplishing certain goals in software more often than I do in the real world.

The best function I like in software is the ability, the flexibility, the power in our hands to restore things. All you need is a hard drive with enough space like your currently running computer drive and you can store an image of all your data and system and restore it anytime you want. You are demanded no reasons, no confirmation from a superior authority, no bullshit and the computer doesn’t even recognize when its ‘space-time screw’ started spinning reverse, stopped and returned to its normal motion. You know you can do it that easily – because it’s your world. There is no one to interfere, no one to guide and no one to back-stab you and all you need to do is remember and verify the precious credentials you choose for yourself. I know it is way more complicated when you are in a much higher level of respect and resource in the real world, but unless you are an ordinary person like me, trust me there is no one who is that much interested in hacking something he doesn’t even know the contents of. It’s like your own whole new world.

All these years, I had to go through a lot of hardships – academic excellence, rejection from the one person you’ve ever loved, traitors, backstabbing friends, teachers and the people you trusted. The worst part is still left – being in such a world full of hardships and dwelling in it knowing that you couldn’t just quit it, you couldn’t shout ‘enough!’, you couldn’t resist – all you had to do was let these dark forces pass through the pores of your naïve mind, and let your hopeless insides fight against them, still knowing – deep down – that you are going to lose – yet fight hard to survive and finally surrendering to Nature’s Will and giving up hope; collecting your shattered pieces as experiences and storing them as memories, still counting those as ‘sweet’ and finally knowing, for the sake of yourself and all the people you’ve ever loved, that this is: Reality.