anonx-logoAnonX, short for Anonymous Explorer, is a personal fictional username used solely for the purpose of writing a blog. I wanted to write anonymously, without anyone showering me or my work with his/her opinions; and hence I created this blog.

For viewers, I do not think my real identity should be of concern to anyone. It would be just enough to assume me a fictional character you met on the web. For communication purposes, you might drop a comment in this page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Disclaimer: Any post in this blog is the opinion of the writer himself and may be real or imaginary. This blog is not sponsored by any company and any product written or understood in the posts are not for advertising purposes. This blog is plainly maintained by the author and no money is earned in the form of advertisements. By reading this blog, you accept the liability of any material displayed/written in all means. Usage of materials in the blog is not restricted, but should not be done without the author’s permission. Verification of facts mentioned is not entrusted upon the writer, as a result of which, certain content may need to be updated/changed.

A Personal Request: Please do not try to track me or establish connections of any materials in this blog with external sources. Some material may be copied from other sources and some may be explicitly of the writer himself. Practice caution while distribution or duplication of any material.

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